Wind Ridge Farm

Pick-Your-Own Fruit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is picking confined to specific areas? 

 Yes, more or less.  We allow picking in areas that have ripe fruit available.  Our Field customer service employees will bring a group of people to a picking area and ask them to spread out.  Yes, it is monitored, but if picking gets thin, our Field employees will help you find another spot.  Our goals for you are to have a pleasant experience and get lots of deliciously, ripe fruit.

Do I need to bring my own picking container?

We provide containers for your convenience, but if you have a peach peck box from our farm, re-use it and get a small rebate. We will happily do this to encourage you to re-use it. We don't accept them back.

May I order pre-picked fruit over the phone?

No, we don't take phone orders.

May I bring my pet into the orchard?  

No, please leave it at home.

How do I prune, plant, spray, and care for blueberries, peaches, or blackberries?

There is much information online.  The University of Michigan is an excellent resource, as is Google and Youtube. The Kemper Center at the Missouri Botanical Garden may also be helpful. 

Where do you get your plants?

 We buy from various nurseries throughout the Mid-West, but Stark Bros in Louisiana, MO gets much of our business.

Why do you have netting up over the blueberries?

Birds love berries as much as we do. They would eat at least half of them every year. The net keeps many out.

Do you spray with pesticides?

Yes, but only if necessary, with approved products according to directions.  It is impossible to grow peaches in Missouri without doing so. We use IPM to help reduce spraying.

Should we wash the fruit before it is eaten?

Yes, it's a good idea to wash all fruits and vegetables.

May I take fruit off the ground?

No, fruit on the ground isn't clean, and may be spoiled. We don't sell or give it away.

What are you doing about food food safety? 

We are voluntarily following suggested federal guidelines that are established for larger farms.   As it is, we have always used safe handling measures.

Will you please donate to my cause?

Please go to the "Donations" tab for information.

Where can I pick strawberries and raspberries?

We don't grow these, but this place does: Lakeview Farms, 8265 Mexico Rd., St. Peters, MO, tel.636-978-8830, or on the web at: This is where Barry and I pick.

For information about other local farms and what they grow, go to, or Farmer Maps.

What is a CSA and how can I join?

CSA is community supported agriculture.  It is a group of individuals who pledge to support a farm operation with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production.  Members pledge in advance to cover the anticipated cost of the farm operation and the farmer's salary.  In return, they receive shares in the farm throughout the growing season. 

Wind Ridge Farm is not a CSA farm. 

Are there chiggers, snakes, or any other things we should know about?

Once a season or so we see snakes, but the good kind. We've never seen poisonous ones on the farm. If you are worried about chiggers, come prepared.  If you are observant, you may see deer, coyotes, foxes or turkeys in the orchard. If they see you, they will run away.

What are the best ones to pick?

All the varieties we grow are proven customer favorites. The best ones are ripe and ready to pick the day you arrive. Having said that, only you can pick your favorites. Come out a few times during the season to test for yourself. (Click Crops for varieties and picking tips.)


Blueberry Equivalents

1 pint yields

3/4 pound

2 pints or 1 quart yields

1.5 pounds

3 pounds yield

one 9-inch pie

 Peach Equivalents

 1 pound yields

3 medium peaches

3 cups peeled and sliced

2 cups puree

 1 bushel yields

48 pounds peaches

18-24 quarts sliced peaches

4 pecks

 1 peck yields

10-12 pounds

If you have a question that you'd like to ask, please email us at