Wind Ridge Farm

Pick-Your-Own Fruit

Crops, Seasons, Varieties & Tips

Fresh Fruit Storage:

There are some terrific new products available for storing fresh fruit.  One product I've tried and liked for most produce is "Debbie Meyer green bags". These keep most produce longer than the normal period.  These are available at Walmart and Schnucks.

General Picking Guideline:

We do our best to provide you with premium fruit, but sometimes hail, hard rains, birds and bugs may cause damage. If you throw it down, we can't sell or use it. Please look before you pick.

Blueberries:  Season Late June - July

When picked fully ripe, they are very sweet and delicious.

All are wonderful eaten fresh, frozen or in desserts.

Blueberry Picking Tips

Pick deep, dark blue berries only. These are the sweetest. Place the bucket or your hand under the cluster. Move thumb lightly over deep blue fruit. Ripe fruit will remove with slight pressure. Avoid immature fruit, leaves and stems. Berries with smooth skins and uniform color will keep and taste best. Refrigerate as soon as you can for best quality. They'll last several weeks.

Blackberries:  Season Late June - mid August

These "tame" berries are as good or better tasting than their "wild" cousin.

Several different varieties are grown to provide you with blackberries almost all summer. 

Blackberry Picking Tips

Pick deep black fruit only. Blackberries that are ripe will be slightly soft to touch and pull off easily. These are as delicate as peaches, maybe more so. Handle gently and refrigerate as soon as possible. With proper picking and prompt refrigeration, they can last 4-6 days. Wash fruit before eating.

Peaches: Season:  Early July - Labor Day

Juicy, tasty, delicious.  Summer's wonderful treat.

We grow freestone, yellow-flesh peaches, suitable for fresh eating, desserts, freezing and canning. The purpose of many varieties is to provide a continuum from first ripening to last picking. The varieties are listed in order of first ripening.

8-Ball  This was first picked here in 2013.  It is delicious and already well liked by our customers.

Redstar  Much like Redhaven, and ripens around the same time.

Redhaven  This variety has been around the longest, so more people are familiar with it. It is sweet and mild. It is our most popular peach. It tends to cling to the pit more than other varieties in some years. Beautiful color in most years.

Lucky 13  First picked here in 2013,  is delicious and well-liked by our customers.

Canadian Harmony  The first Harmonies ripen about 16 days after the first Redhaven. It is a large peach with sweet, robust flavor. Wonderful fresh, frozen or canned. Not the prettiest, but delicious.

Cresthaven  Follows Canadian Harmony. A tried and true variety. 

Encore  Follows Cresthaven in late August. Last peach of the season on our farm.

Peach Picking Tips

Pick ripe fruit.  Look for peaches with a deep buttery-yellow to orange color, a red blush, and no green.  To pick, grasp the peach and pull straight back. Place gently in your picking box. Peaches, the "queen of fruit", are among the most delicate fruit to handle. They bruise easily. Refrigerate as soon as possible. With proper handling and prompt refrigeration, fresh peaches can last a week or two. Wash right before use.